The new single by Perfect World
Out June 25
Cover Art
Prepper Who Was Right is the new single by Perfect World, the LA art rock/alt-pop project of songwriter and filmmaker Nathan Castiel. "Prepper" is an introspective and darkly funny indie rock jam that blends shimmery acoustics and mellotron with sampled drums and turntables - inspired by equal parts Elliott Smith and Sugar Ray.
"I discovered the show Doomsday Preppers in a midwest motel room - the only place it exists probably. I thought about how it would feel for the world to be ending, knowing you're prepared, and that those who aren't probably thought you were crazy. It spoke to some of our darker human impulses - spite, arrogance - that we all wrestle with."
P.S. I'm not a prepper."
Temp Visualizer
Press Photo
Paid my first and last
Broken hourglass that cut me deep
Found my darkness cast into the light
like a prepper who was right
Used to think that karma
was just a real bad joke
until I saw myself on a fail video
Ooh the schadenfreude
Like a pepper who was right
All along
I could win a prize for, yeah
most spiteful in town
But even God took pleasure in
watching others drown
Ooh the schadenfreude
Like a prepper who was right
I may need a lawyer
If I make it through the night alive
I’m losing faith
In who I thought I was supposed to be
But either way
I hope I don’t see my
own demise
Holding up my foolish pride to the light
Like a prepper who was right
Artist Bio
Perfect World is the music project of LA-based songwriter and filmmaker Nathan Castiel. Though grounded in confessional indie rock, his music is hard to pin down - often bouncing between genres and sonic palettes without regard for current trends. His songs are heartfelt, darkly funny and introspective with a pop sensibility and shapeshifting nature. Some of his influences include Arthur Russell, Brian Eno, Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Prefab Sprout and Yellow Magic Orchestra as well as contemporary artists like Alex G, Big Thief, Jockstrap, Black Country New Road and Hovvdy. A multi-disciplinary artist with a DIY spirit, he writes, performs and produces his own music as well as creative directs the project and makes all cover art and visuals. ​​​​​​​
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and read. It truly means the world.
- Nathan