Perfect World is the music project of LA-based songwriter and filmmaker Nathan Castiel. Though grounded in confessional indie rock, his music is hard to pin down - often bouncing between genres and sonic palettes without regard for current trends. His songs are heartfelt, darkly funny and introspective with a pop sensibility and shapeshifting nature. Some of his influences include Arthur Russell, Brian Eno, Elliott Smith, Prefab Sprout and Yellow Magic Orchestra. A multi-disciplinary artist with a DIY spirit, he writes, performs and produces his own music as well as creative directs the project and makes all cover art and visuals. 

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley by Mexican and Moroccan Jewish immigrant parents, he gravitated towards music and art at a young age. He played classical violin from age six to thirteen. But it wasn't until he was gifted Queen's Greatest Hits for his Bar Mitzvah that his dive into pop music began. Since then, he has been writing and recording under various monikers while playing in DIY bands around LA. He was a member of Orchin (Terrible Records) with whom he did two US tours - opening for Model/Actriz and Hatchie respectively. 
In 2022, he started Perfect World with the release of single Real. That was followed by 2023's singles Villain Arc, Age of, and Wrong. His debut album will release in 2024, preceded by the single Pillar of Salt. He is currently prepping for shows.
Perfect World, the debut album by Perfect World, out 2024.